The stunning success of the French musical is marked by prestigious international awards, by the George Medals of the International Academy of rating technologies and sociology “Golden Fortune”. Awards were given to the players of the main roles in the rock opera such as: Michelangelo Loconte, Floran Mot, Solal, Diane Dassigny, Melissa Mars, Maeva Méline. Dove Attia, the author and producer, also received the George Medal. An interesting fact is that two years earlier the George Medals were awarded to well-known producers Tatiana Mikhailova, Boris Orlov, Igor Voloshin, thanks to whom the large part of audience of Eastern Europe saw the musical.

Watching the success of the musical “Mozart”, I want to remember the famous Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who lived a very short (only 35 years), but bright life. We know that the Austrian composer of the end of XVIII century V.A. Mozart wrote a lot of light music, and there is no doubt that if he had lived in the XX or XXI century, M certainly could brightly fulfill herself in the genre of our modern stage and operetta. The circumstances were such that Mozart was Austrian, and today, in the XXI century in the French musical his role is played by the Italian Michelangelo Loconte. And if the great Austrian composer lived a life in poverty and the true recognition came to him only more than 100 years after the death, and thank God, today Michelangelo Loconte is recognized and loved by millions of the audience, who doesn’t have need in anything. In the musical of Dove Attia modern author findings of the Creator of rock-opera perfectly combine with quotations from famous works of Austrian genius of the XVIII century.

Dmitriy Akimov is a musicologist, symphonist, honored artist, doctor of sociological sciences, and chairman of General Directorate of International Academy “Golden Fortune”.

On the photo (from left to right): Michelangelo Loconte, Dove Attia, Dmitriy Akimov, Melissa Mars, Diane Dassigny, Maeva Méline, Solal, Floran Mot

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