Melissa Mars is a successful French singer, actress and model awarded by the George Medal of International Academy IARTAS “Golden Fortune”.

Melissa Mars is a successful French actress, who in her thirty years became a bright star of a stage, cinema and podium. The milestone event of the result of her success was the awarding of St. George Medal from IARTAS”Golden Fortune”. This award is very honorable because the Presidium of the International Academy includes eminent scientists and cultural figures of the thirty countries of the world, among which there is not only France, but also Germany, Austria, Russia, Ukraine, India... Of course, award of the «Golden Fortune» is most awarded to scientists than artists of opera or stage, but the names of the George knights are too high. Therefore, absolutely young woman together with a medal gained the status of a certain “caste chosen”.

Returning to the success of talented singer one should remember her bright joint work with John Travolta in the film “From Paris with love”, cooperation with Luc Besson in the film “Nikita”, the release of three albums on Polydor-Universal Records, the advertising campaign for the French clothing line Naf Naf. Please note that the actress showed herself as the original fashion designer, the author of poems and music that was positively noted by the symphonist, doctor of sociology Dmitriy Akimov, who presented to Melissa Mars the award of the International Academy «Golden Fortune».

«I am a sincere fan of Melissa Mars, " said Dmitriy Akimov. Now the actress has a period when her image is strongly associated with the role of Aloizia in the rock Opera. And here it is important for her to get away from this dependence in the nearest years. Today the audience comes to musical where among other famous artist plays Melissa Mars. And I really want the audience to go to see Melissa Mars and Melissa to gather stadiums. I am sure that it is a feasible task for her».

Dmitriy Akimov is a musicologist, symphonist, honored artist, doctor of sociological sciences, and chairman of General Directorate of International Academy “Golden Fortune”.

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