Maeva Méline Performer of a role Nannerl Mozart in rock opera “Mozart”. There is no doubt that the modern variety show is firstly a bright stage performance of the beginning of the XXI century. Secondly, the role played by Maeva Méline is a great responsibility before trustful multimillion audiences. You must admit that that not every graduate of a music conservatory or music and education department knows that the great Mozart had got an elder sister. Moreover, only because of rock opera Dove Attia in Maeva Méline got hundreds of thousands of fans, who asked themselves the question – who is she – Maria Anna Walburga Ignatia Mozart? It appears that, the elder Wolfgang Amadeus’s sister played the piano no worse than her brother and like Maeva Méline had a lot of concerts but 200 years earlier. We may say that contemporary Nannerl Mozart is an interesting stage image, embodied efficiently by Maeva Méline. Popular French actress and singer may be said to a have a fate full of courageous and adventurous steps, among which one can find a self-discovery. It is a brave search between law and artistic career! Unlike the Mozart’s elder sister, Thank heaven, Maeva had an overwhelming number of candidates, dreaming about her hand and heart. One, who knows the story of Nannerl Mozart will understand what is at stake. Maeva Méline is a very successful woman, and one of her recognition factors was St. George medal awarded by Arts Council of International Academy “Golden Fortune”.

Dmitriy Akimov is a musicologist, symphonist, honored artist, doctor of sociological sciences, and chairman of General Directorate of International Academy “Golden Fortune”.

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