Michelangelo (Michele) Loconte widely known performer of the leading part in the “Mozart” rock-opera in the world.

Today, in the first quarter of the XXI century one can say with certainty, that Mikelangelo Loconte has surpassed in his popularity in our contemporary society the popularity, which the composer of genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart achieved during his lifetime in the second half of the XVIII century. The success of Mikelangelo Loconte is awarded the medal of St. George from the International Academy IARTAS “Golden Fortune”. When the Soviet Union collapsed, Mikele was 18. Perhaps if he had to tour in big cities of CIS in those days with such success which he has today, when the Soviet Union existed, the birth date of the famous French Italian would play a positive marketing role for him, as December, 5 - a birthday of Mikelangelo Loconte in the Soviet Union was celebrated as the Constitution Day. But the Soviet Union collapsed long ago and contemporary producers beat the fact that December, 5 is a day of death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

International Academy of rating technologies and sociology IARTAS “Golden Fortuna” conducted research, studying rating prospects of the famous project. According to many specialists of music theory and marketing analysts including the opinion of doctor-marketing analyst, chairman of the General Directorate Academy IARTAS “Golden Fortuna”, Akimov D. I., the “Mozart” rock opera is so competitive and viable, possesses such a highly artistic potential, that it has all chances to overcome the barrier of popularity of a super project of the times of childhood of Mikele Loconte – “Jesus Christ Superstar” rock-opera. Though, to publicize “Jesus Christ Superstar” rock-opera, famous rock-stage stars were invited, and performers of the “Mozart” rock opera became real stars after staging now famous performance of Dove Attia and Albert Kohen.

Besides the medal of St. George from International Academy IARTAS “Golden Fortuna”, Mikelangelo Loconte has some more awards at music competitions for the role of Mozart. Producers and marketing analysts can ask questions how many years Mikelangelo Loconte will be able to perform in the “Mozart” play, remaining in the age line of an actor. Age exists, but it is secondary, the main thing is that Mikelangelo Loconte is a business card, the first performer and a happy star of a beautiful music show, which has united spectators of all ages in the audience.

Dmitriy Akimov is a musicologist, symphonist, honored artist, doctor of sociological sciences, and chairman of General Directorate of International Academy “Golden Fortune”.

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