Patricia Kaas is one of the most renowned variety singers of the end of the 20 – beginning of the 21 century. In the opinion of the members of the Art Council of the International Academy “Golden Fortune” Patricia Kaas is a star and super-professional of such size that she could chair the jury of any the largest international contest for example “Eurovision”.A great number of names flare up and die out on the world stage. Artists come on the stage, gain some success and they want to convince themselves and others that they have become the stars of the stage. But life shows that it is not always so. Most of artists, having lived on the stage for many years and even having achieved some success, can’t become stars.

Patricia Kaas has become a star for millions of our contemporaries. There is no doubt that she will remain a star-legend for grandchildren and great grandsons. In 2012 Patricia Kaas received the second medal of St. George from the International Academy “Golden Fortune”. She got the first medal of St. George in 2002. I think that awarding of Patricia Kaas is the event when not only a decoration adorns a person, but a person adorns a decoration. Admirers of Patricia Kaas’ talent treated the work of this beautiful singer on the programme devoted to the repertoire of Edith Piaf with great attention. After all that have been said I’d like to express my point of view on this.

Of course, Mrs. Patricia Kaas performed the world famous songs of Edith Piaf excellently, but I think it hasn’t been necessary to do. Apart from 3-4 the most famous hits of Edith Piaf, in other respects a repertory, professionalism and manner of performance long ago reached and exceeded the heights which Edith Piaf has reached formerly.

I am glad that among world famous vocalists, who have been awarded medals of St. George of the International Academy “Golden Fortune”, French speaking singers take an important place. Here I would separately make a special mention of the authors and performers of the musical “Notre Dame de Paris”. French song culture and musicality of sounding of the French language are so interesting, original that the number of worshippers of French song culture will be never decreased, it can only grow. Mrs. Patricia Kaas is a brilliant star, who embodies the highest achievements in the genre of intellectual variety singing. Yes, exactly so I offer to position the manner of performance of Mrs Patricia Kaas – intellectual variety vocalism.

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