Florent Mothe holder of the George Medal of International Academy “Golden Fortune”. The career of this singer can be referred to such ones which become an object of envy among middle-aged stage colleges and an object of imitation among the novice actors. The role of Saliery in rock opera “Mozart” is probably the most extraordinary one in a musical, which needs a particular approach, specific from other roles. Historically Saliery is a prominent figure, gifted, successful, and outstanding composer, who lived with Mozart in the same time. But a certain competitiveness between these two figures of music culture led to such result that we, consumers of music production, in this case of symphonic music, often divide Mozart and Saliery into positive and negative characters. However, everyone who didn’t spare classes of musical literature and tried to look deeper, and not in a perfunctory manner, on relations between these two composers could state that they were both genius and gifted, at times they were unhappy, sometimes they were indecent, envious to each other… Probably it was initially clearer for Mikelangelo Loconte to create the Mozart’s character on the stage than for Florent Mothe to find and hand to the audience an image of Floran’s Saliery. The way Florent Mothe coped with the task deserves the greatest praises. Gifted, unusual French singer and actor made hundreds of thousands of spectators to love his character. Looking at Florent Mothe performance on the stage, firstly the audience asks themselves the question whether Saliery is really such a negative character? Later, having highly appreciated the singer’s artistry and competence, the audience begins to think and once says to themselves that Florent Mothe is right because everyone of us, who lives on this earth and tries to achieve something, is a little bit Mozart and a little bit Saliery. We set goals for ourselves, achieve some of them, but some remain only frustrated dreams. We envy a little each other, those around us, even passersby in the street. Sometimes we all push off each other to the razor edge weather consciously or unconsciously … We all look dreamily on the stars…

Florent Mothe makes the audience to change stereotype of attitude not only to Saliery but also to himself.

The George Medal of International Academy of rating technologies and sociology “Golden Fortune” is not only the recognition sign of the French singer’s vocal professionalism but also the appreciation of actor’s dramatic talent which can be characterized as the high philosophical artistry.

Dmitriy Akimov is a musicologist, symphonist, honored artist, doctor of sociological sciences, and chairman of General Directorate of International Academy “Golden Fortune”.

P.S. A piece of biographical information:

Florent Mothe – French singer, actor and musician who performed the role of Antonio Saliery in the rock opera "Mozart". Within a troupe performed several singles, including.

Florent Mothe was born on the 13th of March, 1981 in Argenteuil, Val d’Oise. He attended the musical school from the age of 7, mastered the flute, piano, drums, keyboard and guitar.

In 1996 year Florent Mothe formed his first group, which accompanied him during 6 years travelling to France and Germany.

He performed the role of scientist in the musical «L’Alphoméga». In 2007 year he left for Toronto where began his solo career. F was acting on the concerts and prestigious clubs of Toronto, such as Mod Club. In 2009 year performed the role of Antonio Saliery in the rock opera “Mozart” of Dove Attia and Albert Cohen. In 2010 year he was recognized as “Francophonic invention of the year” on NRJ Music Awards 2010.

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